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Advantages of a Whole House Humidifier

Installing a whole house humidifier in your home will be beneficial to your health, comfort and overall living experience in your home.

Constant exposure to the dry air in your home can lead to respiratory problems and will increase vulnerability to allergy symptoms. Dry air will cause permeable materials such as that which is used on wooden furniture, musical instruments, wooden flooring and any other woodwork in your home to lack moisture which is being drawn out by the dryness of the air. Dry air feels colder than humidified air, which means that you would need to set your thermostat to a higher temperature to achieve the same level of warmth as a humidified home with a significantly lower temperature. The two main types of humidifiers which are available for installation are: room units, which are small and portable, and whole house humidifiers, which are installed in your home permanently with the central heating and cooling system.


After your whole house humidifier has been installed, it is very easy to set the humidity level to what suits you best and you will quickly see the change of air quality in your home. The whole house humidifier runs with a hygrometer which measures the humidity level and automatically humidifies your home as your furnace heats it. The whole house humidifier distributes the air to every room in your home ensuring that you live in full comfort no matter where you are.


The whole house humidifier works with technology which monitors the humidity level and only adds humidity when it is necessary and to your specification. This ensures that there will be no mildew, mold or dust mites in your home which are a product of too much moisture in the air. In contrast, most single room unit humidifiers do not have the ability to stop the humidification process when the appropriate humidity level has been reached.


With the whole house humidifiers ability to maintain a specified humidity level, it will keep the air you breathe healthy, no matter which room in the house you are in. Dry air can worsen sinus problems and causes nose bleeds. Dry air can promote the spread of various viruses which lead to respiratory illness. Humidified air can help to reduce snoring, and reduces the dryness of skin, throat and chapped lips.


Single room humidifiers must be cleaned frequently to prevent the buildup of bacteria and mold. A whole house humidifier on the other hand only needs to be cleaned once or twice a year to remove the white dust mineral accumulation left by the evaporated water. In most cases, this is the only maintenance necessary for whole house humidifiers.


Humid air in your home will feel warmer than dry air even when set to the same temperature, which will allow you to keep the thermostat at a lower temperature while still maintaining comfort. A lowered temperature on your thermostat will save your money for heating expenses, while achieving elevated comfort.


Whole house humidifiers have a far lower operating expense than room unit humidifiers. Single room unit humidifiers require expensive distilled water to work at maximum efficiency. A whole house humidifier is plumbed into your water system, so there is no need to purchase distilled water. A whole house humidifier will only add a few cents per month to your water bill, while a room unit humidifier can be quite expensive.

To schedule your whole house humidifier installation call the experts at at 647-547-1868 or submit your request online.


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