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Cracked Furnace Heat Exchanger can be dangerous

Furnace Heat Exchanger is part of your furnace that heats the air. Every time your furnace heats up and cools downs the metal surface of the furnace heat exchanger stresses and flexes and overtime can result in a crack. This is a natural process that eventually happens to any furnace overtime depending on how well the unit is maintained and the quality of the installation. The furnace heat exchanger is also more exposed to cracks during extreme temperatures.

So what’s the big deal if your furnace heat exchanger cracked? You have to remember that furnace is burning fuel to generate the heat and as a result it creates other substances and possibly harmful chemicals. These chemicals and gases including carbon monoxide and can be released to your home through the cracks in your furnace heat exchanger. Chemicals can be flowing to your home through your ducts together with the hot air right into your living space and can cause illness or worse.

If you think you have a crack in your furnace heat exchanger or a gas technician shut off your gas due to a crack then you need help from an experienced HVAC service technician. Some may recommend to replace the heat exchanger but let’s be realistic the cost of the heat exchanger replacement can be over $1,000 so is it really worth it. In most cases it is best to install a new heating system instead of replacing the furnace heat exchanger and later finding yourself in a situation of paying other high repair costs. If replacing furnace or a heat exchanger is not in the budget no worries at FurnaceRentToOwn we have great rent to own plans with zero upfront payments and lifetime parts and labour warranties that can fit any household. Our technicians can diagnose your problem and find the right solution for your home needs and budget.

Call us Today at 647-547-1868 or submit your request online. to schedule you in home assessment or to learn more about our Rent To Own Plans.

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