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Water Heater Rental in Toronto

Most Ontario homeowners prefer to rent their water heater instead of purchasing it.

Water heater rental allows for homeowners to know exactly what their monthly house budget is and ensures that you will not have to worry about repair or maintenance fees for your hot water heater. Water heater rental creates comfort and peace-of-mind in the lives of homeowners by providing them with a simple alternative to purchasing their water heater.

There are many homeowners confused by the charge that appears on their Enbridge gas bill because they believe that their water heater rental comes from Enbridge, when it does not. There are many water heater rental companies in Toronto and the GTA who are not at all affiliated with Enbridge. Various water heater rental companies including FurnaceRentToOwn offer rental services and use the Enbridge Gas Billing Program to send monthly bills to their rental customers.

Water heater rental allows for homeowners not to worry about replacement or maintenance costs, since these are covered by the service agreement. If you want to replace your old water heater, it would be a great idea to consider taking the route of the water heater rental program and install one of the many new energy-efficient models available. Another option for water heater rental is to install a tankless water heater which lets you have an endless hot water supply in your home. A tankless water heater will let you save money on your monthly energy bill because you are only heating the water when you need to instead of it being stored in a tank for later usage.

With our water heater rental program you will get:


FREE venting upgrade

Low water heater rental rates FREE installation and removal of your existing tank NO up-front equipment cost

Fast and reliable service and Maintenance

Installation in 24 hours NO hidden charges FREE maintenance program 24/7/365 FREE service and repairs on all parts NEW Energy Savings water heaters

Save up to 30% on your heating costs TRANSFERABLE to the next owner should you sell your home You will not be receiving any extra bills. Rental water heater charges will appear in the ‘Other Companies’ section of your Enbridge Gas Distribution Bill.

The water heater types that FurnaceRentToOwn can provide are:

Conventional vent: 40 gal, 50 gal, 60 gal Chimney liner installation for conventional water heaters if it is needed Power Vent: 40 gal, 50, 60 gal Electric: 40 gal, 60 gal Tankless: one size, 240 gallons or more per hour with no recovery time, allows for endless hot water on demand, saves space, reduced risk of water damage, quiet in operation, lasts longer than a standard type of water heater

We offer same day or next day installation

FurnaceRentToOwn offers installation and service of water heaters on a rent to own basis done by fully trained and licensed HVAC technicians.

We offer reduced water heater rental rates which start at $10.49

Your old water heater will be disposed of if you own it or it will be returned back to your previous rental provider.

Free venting upgrade for Power Vent water heater from Black ABS to White PVC vent which will bring your water heater up to TSSA and Gas Codes with hot water heater rent

Red Tag cleared (if you have a red tag we will clear it free of charge and fix any problems with your water heater)

There are no long term contracts for water heater rental.

Are you looking to replace your old rental or owned hot water heater in Ontario to an energy efficient model? Are looking to switch from your existing rental water heater provider such as Enercare or Reliance to another supplier? Do you need a bigger size hot water heater?

Call us at 647-547-1868 or request your free water heater upgrade online and receive 2 months fee and the best rental rates in Ontario.


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