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What You Should Know Before You Buy a New Furnace

In the cold winter months, a working and efficient furnace is essential to keeping yourself and your family comfortable and warm at home. If your furnace is experiencing any operative issues and you are looking into purchasing or renting a new furnace to replace your old one, there are various factors which you should take into consideration to ensure that you are choosing the most appropriate furnace for your home. Here is a list of the things that should influence your choice on the furnace that you buy for your home.

Furnace Efficiency Rating:

Furnaces are rated by a term called AFUE (Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency). The furnaces AFUE rates it's yearly fuel consumption. New furnaces that are available on today’s market are rated between 90% to 98% AFUE. An AFUE rating isn’t entirely accurate because it does not take electrical efficiency into consideration. High efficiency furnaces use a blower motor to decrease the amount of electricity your furnace consumes. A high efficiency furnace will have an Energy Star logo on it to show that it is Energy Star rated and is truly high efficiency. The Energy Star program was created in order to improve energy consumption on a variety of equipment which includes furnaces.

Variable Speed Technology:

For your new furnace to be as energy efficient as possible, you would want for it to have variable speed technology. Variable speed technology allows for the furnace to make adjustments on its own to create the most efficient usage of fuel. A furnace with variable speed technology can adjust heat capacity and airflow by a difference as miniscule as 1% to keep your use of fuel as efficient as possible. Variable speed technology allows for an exceptional amount of temperature control in your home.

Sound Reduction:

You of course wouldn't want your new furnace to be the loudest appliance in your home, for the lowest amount of sound, furnaces can have insulated and sealed cabinets, quiet burners, and advanced motor technology.

Blower Motor:

When you are making your choice on which new furnace to purchase, one thing you should take into account is the furnace’s blower motor technology. The blower motor’s purpose is to circulate the air throughout your home’s venting system. There are three main types of blowers available. The cheapest and most common is a standard blower motor. A standard blower motor is the least efficient of the three.

The second most efficient furnace blower motor is called a Constant Torque Motor. A Constant Torque Motor is considered to be energy efficient and is a better choice than a standard blower.

The most efficient type of blower motor has Variable Speed Technology. A blower motor that has Variable Speed Technology is able to have a great range of speeds that the motor can operate at which makes it the most efficient type of blower motor. The best furnaces on the market have variable speed motor technology and are the most electrically efficient. If you want your new furnace to be as energy efficient as possible, you should search for one which includes variable speed motor technology to ensure the highest AFUE rating.


Most people purchase their furnace from a popular and reputable brand because these brands will carry reliable and efficient technology, even when most furnaces come with a manufacturer's warranty to cover possible problems. When purchasing your new furnace from a popular brand you don't have to worry about the furnace's technology and for the manufacturer to stand by their warranty. Your new furnace should give you at least fifteen years of service and if it is bought from a reputable brand then you know that it will live up to that expectation.

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