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Furnace Not Working? Common Problems.

Here are some common problems that might cause your furnace not working.

There's nothing more annoying on cold wintry days than a not working furnace. When your furnace won’t turn on it can be frustrating but the below common problems will help you to understand the issue and in some cases troubleshoot it on your own.

Firstly, if this happens when your furnace doesn’t start, make sure your furnace is getting power.

Thermostat Issue

Make sure your thermostat has been set to "heat" and that is it set to a temperature high enough for the furnace to kick on.

No Pilot Light

Check underneath the furnace to make sure the blue pilot light is on.

Insufficient Gas Supply

Make sure the gas valve is turned fully on so the furnace has a sufficient supply to fire up the system. The valve should be either all the way on or all the way off.

Dirty Air Filter

Dirty air filter is a common problem of a furnace not starting on. Homeowners need to change a filter up to once or twice a month in the winter to lower efficiency bills, make sure air quality is pure, and to keep the furnace functioning. Changing air filters regularly can save hundreds of dollars on utility bills over the life of the furnace.

Clean away leaves and debris from intake and exhaust vents

If you have a furnace that vents out the side of the house, make sure nothing is blocking the intake or exhaust.

Condensation Problems

Condensate pan accumulate water that has been removed from the air by your air conditioner or furnace and if the reservoir is full the furnace won’t turn on. Draining the pan doesn’t fix the issues causing this but could work temporarily. There could be blockages preventing the water from draining or the condensation removal pump may have gone bad.

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