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Furnace Service Tips

Check these steps before you call for a furnace service

Many furnace service calls are due to very simple and overlooked things that can be easily fixed without a service technician. Many homeowners overlook to check few very easy steps before calling heating and cooling contractor to fix the furnace issue. Emergency furnace service calls can be costly especially during cold winter days due to high demand. So before you call service technician, take these simple steps first and if the issue still persists then call FurnaceRentToOwn you heating and cooling expert.

  • Check your thermostat - Check that your thermostat is set to Heating ON position as someone in the household could’ve switched it off by mistake. Also setting the temperature higher than the room temperature will start your furnace and will bring comfort back to your home. Check thermostat batteries too to make sure they are still fresh.

  • Check your furnace filter – Many furnace service calls are due to a dirty filter which causes furnace to stop working and blowing hot air through your home. Furnace filters should be changed every 3 months. Simply replace your furnace filter and if needed press the reset button on the furnace or On/OFF switch and wait 30 second for the furnace to start working. If after this step furnace still doesn’t turn on then call a service technician.

  • Check that Furnace switch is ON - There is an ON and OFF switch near the furnace that looks like a regular lighting switch. Check that the power is turned ON as it is common that Furnace power switch is mistaken for a lighting switch and gets turned off when leaving the furnace room.

  • Check that your registers are open – Do not close more than 20 % of your registers as this can cause heat build up in the furnace and high resistance.

  • Check Furnace Breaker – Find furnace breaker in the electrical panel before calling for a furnace service and ensure it is switched ON. Most of the time the breaker is clearly marked with the Furnace sticker or sign.

  • Check that Gas Supply is On – if your furnace uses gas check that gas supply is turned on and the pilot light is lit.

  • Check furnace Venting Outside – If the furnace venting is blocked by ice try to remove the blockage.

If you’ve tried all of the above steps but your heating system is not working then call FurnaceRentToOwn for furnace service. Our heating and cooling experts will bring comfort back to your home in no time. Call us at 647-547-1868 or submit your request online.

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