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Do not panic if you got a Red Tag. Contact FurnaceRentToOwn and we will take corrective actions and clear your Red Tag with Enbridge.

Enbridge Red Tag

What is Furnace and Hot Water Heater Red Tag (or Enbridge Red Tag )

Red Tag (or Enbridge Red Tag ) basically means that the equipment is not safe to operate. If gas technician or contractor put a red tag on your equipment then your gas will be turned off until the problem is fixed. Gas can be turned off immediately or within 45 days based on the Type of Red Tag (or Enbridge Red Tag ) received.

There are few authorities that are involved in the process of red tagging and its removal. TSSA (Technical Standards and Safety Authority) which requires technician to issue a red tag if the equipment is deemed potentially dangerous for the operation, your local gas utility such as Enbridge or Union Gas and the contractor who makes the decision of putting Red Tag (or Enbridge Red Tag ) on the equipment for safety purposes if there is a clear danger.

There are two types of red tags or Enbridge Red Tag that a customer can receive.
Enbridge Red Tag A

Type A simply indicates that your equipment is too dangerous to operate and gas had to be shut off immediately to protect your family and your home.

Enbridge Red Tag B

If the equipment does not present an immediate danger to the homeowners then a Type B red tag is issued which means customers have maximum 45 days to take corrective actions otherwise the gas will be shut off by your local gas utility if Red Tag (or Enbridge Red Tag ) is not cleared in timely manner.

Enbridge Red Tag Warning

Enbridge Red Tag Warning

Enbridge Red Tag Your Safety

Enbridge Red Tag Your Safety

How to remove furnace or hot water heater Red Tag (or Enbridge Red Tag ) ?

The cost for removing a red tag can be quite expensive. The red tag costs vary based on the type of repair or replacement that needs to be done. Only a licensed technician is allowed to remove the red tag (or Enbridge Red Tag ) by either fixing or replacing the gas appliance and taking corrective actions. Contact FurnaceRentToOwn at 647-547-1868 and we will help you clear your Red Tag. After we fix the issue your local utility i.e. Enbridge will be notified that the corrective actions were taken and the red tag will be cleared.

If you have questions or require assistance in fixing / replacing your equipment and clearing your Red Tag (or Enbridge Red Tag ) contact us TODAY at 647-547-1868. Do not wait until Enbridge shuts off you gas.

Our licensed technicians can help you fix your equipment issue and clear your Red Tag. Contact us TODAY for assistance on removing your Red Tag
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